Did you know that more than 15 million Arabs or Arab desendents live in Brazil?


Based on this information, Lider Corp decided to create a new travel agency model, with partnerships and professionals focused on this specialized service. It is a model company whose essence is to provide an ideal service for Arabs. Special agreements with the best suppliers, service in Arabic language by people who are dedicated to work hard, have a deep knowledge of the customs, traditions and religion and the method of buying and selling with Arabs who have proven themselves as masters in world trade.

Now, after four years dedicated in this service, we can say that we grow all over Brazil and we were able to win our clients’ appreciation because of the excellent services we offer to everyone!

Hoje, somos a única agência de viagens com um portal 100% em ÁRABE / INGLÊS / PORTUGUÊS na Internet. Já temos diversos produtos prontos e em venda, pensados exclusivamente para os Árabes.

Today we are the only travel agency that has a website 100% in Arabic / English / Portuguese online. We have several products ready for sale, exclusively designed for Arabs, such as:

Our customer service always works to confirm the comfort of passengers, booking appropriate meals such as Halal eating for Muslims, faster connections and reserving seats for families with young children.

Traveling by your own car, and special Travel Plans, where we have a selection of hotels and resorts prepared for Christian and Muslim travelers.

In the summer of Brazil, there are groups for recreational cruises, where families spend wonderful time with their children and can enjoy the beautiful swimming pools and beaches, even with their women wearing hijab and bathing suits surveyed according to their religion.



Starting in 2019, we will start a new project aimed at introducing Arab descendants to the Arab world and its origin. As well as Brazilians who also want to live this cultural experience and taste the delicious food from the Middle East.

Our mission is to think about what is best for you.

Special Desk for Asian and Arab Clients

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