The traveler can buy, free of taxes, in shops (duty free shops) of ports and airports, after landing in Brazil and before their presentation to customs supervision, goods to the total value of de U$ 500.00. This value is not debited from the quota free of the baggage that the traveler is entitled.

Besides the overall limit of U$ 500.00, goods purchased in duty free shops are subject to the following quantity limits:

» 24 units of alcoholic beverages, taking into consideration the maximum quantity of 12 unities per type of beverage;

» 20 packs of cigarette of foreign manufacturing;

» 25 unities of cigars and cigarillos;

» 250g of tobacco prepared for pipe;

» 10 unities of toilet articles;

» 3 clocks, machines, devices, equipment, toys, games or electric or electronic instruments.

» People under 18 years, even accompanied, cannot buy alcoholic beverages or tobacco articles.

» Goods bought in duty free shops in Brazil, at the time of departure to foreign countries, in foreign duty free shops and those bought in shops, catalogues and duty free exposition inside buses, airplanes or boats, have the same treatment as other goods bought abroad, integrating the traveler luggage. In short, those goods do not take advantage of the benefit of the exemption given to shopping in the duty free shop in Brazil at the time of arrival.

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