Find out the main terms used in the corporate travel industry.

ADT – Abbreviaton of “adult”, This term designates the passengers with completed 12 years old or more.

All inclusive – Hotel which includes the daily drinks, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and intermediate meal) and entertainment.

Arrivals – Landings area at the airports.

At The Show – It is not obligatory the attendance of the passengers on time (day) or marked schedule to use the acquired services (most used on aboard airline and hosting).

ATP – see Average Ticket Price.

Average Ticket Price – The average price per ticket is a key indicator for corporate travel managers and represents the average cost paid by aerial ticket. The indicator can covers all the tickets or the tickets for determined route only.

Bell Boy – Massenger of Hotel.

Block Off – Blocking certain number of seats, in regulars flights, for exclusive use.

Boarding Pass – Emitted card through the company’s airline systems that provide the use of air transport and the access to boarding areas with the main informations of the passenger’s name, destination, armchair and number of the flight).

By Night – It is the night tour, which in general includes tickets for shows or visiting tourists hotspots.

Charter – Realized flight in a chartered aircraft, more economics prizes than those prevailing in the market, with pre-established and organized rules as the duration, date of exit / return and destination, among others.

Check In – It is a procedure performed before boarding with the company’s aerial counter to check out the documents, IDs..etc, similar proceduers at the hotel entrance.

Check Out – Hotel exit procedure.

City Tour / Sightseeing – A tourist ride through one city, in general the riding tour will be in a bus/micro-bus with local guide.

Code-Sharing – It is the shared flight, between two or more airline companies. Under the agreement, passengers who have purchased airfare of a particular company, can get on another flight. A company gives seats to the other contracted company accommodated by their passengers.

Collect Call – Phone calls will be charge at the destination. There is a service of Embratel called Brasil Direto, with attendance in Portugues.

Concierge (janitor) – At the hotel, the concierge, usually is locate and beside the reception and provides information from services on various subjects (rides, food, transportation, etc.) which is not related with hosting.

Connection – The exchange of plane landing before reaching the destination city.

Coupon – Is a sent document to the passengers with all the specifications of tourist services purchased. It assumes a confirmation of the services discrimination.

Customs – Department of Receita Federal are in charge of making the control of luggages and goods in transit. The custom is responsible for paying the taxes, fees or seizures of goods that enter and leave the country and also that which are above the allowed limit value by the legislation(law).

DAC (Civil Aviation Department) – Federal agencies are responsible for supervision and regulation of commercial aviation and executive in the country.

Data port – Offered installation at hotels apartments.

Day use – Is the partial utilization of a daily hotel. It is often used in cheap hotels at airports for transit passengers (waiting for connection between flights).

Dead line – Dead line for reconfirmation and / or payment of contracted services.

Departure – Origin; area intended for boarding travelers.

Departure Tax - Fees charged by airlines to pay for planes expenses.

E-Ticket – Abbreviation for ‘Electronic Ticket’; airline electronic ticket without physical emission.

Early check-in – Guests’ entrance to the hotel before the regular time, 12h (it’s the usual, but there are exceptions). It is tolerable that may or may not be granted when there is availability without charging of onus to the host.

FAP / Full-Board – Hotel that includes three daily meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner – usually without drinks).

Fitness Center / Health Club – The hotel is a complex that contains several services like gymnastic room, sauna, swimming pool, and salon.

Forfeit – It is the service what we call in our website of “Designed Travel”, an itinerary travel is done to attend the necessity specifies of the passengers. The synonym is “tailor made”, or made to measure.

Franchise of the luggage – The limit of luggage with free transportation allowed by the company airline.

Full Fare – Published Fare without discounts. At hotel, is the ‘counter’ (the one posted in the reception). At Cia. Aerea, It is “full” Fare.

Gym – Workout and Body Building room.

IATA – Internacional Air Transport Association

Itinerary – Demonstrative of the contracted services (air tickets, hotels, location for rental cars and etc.) including informations such as date and times, values, number of reservation, confirmation and conditions of use.

Jet-Lag – Misfit biological clock (time problem) caused by the change of the time zone.

King-siza bed – Double the size of three single beds. The american standard is 2m by 2m.

Last check-out – Guests’ exit from the hotel after the regular time, 12h (it’s the usual, but there are exceptions). It is tolerable that may or may not be granted when there is availability without charging of onus to the host.

LCC or Low Cost Carrier – See Low Cost, Low Fare.

Lock / Allotment – Number of seats in Cia Area or apartments in hotels, reserved for utilization by the operator, which has been reported within a period determined in advanced, by common agreement between these companies.

Lounge – Aboard, is what we call of VIP room in Brazilian airports. At hotels, it may be a living room and bar.

Low Cost, Low Fare – Low-fare companies and low prizes, represented by Gol and Bra in Brazil.

Luggage Claim – Location of luggages claim and complaints in case of loss.

MAP / Half-Board – Hotel that includes daily meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner – in general without drinks).

Net Fare – Free fare of commissions or fees.

Non-Stop – Direct Flight without stopovers or stops.

Open Ticket – Airline ticket that, at moment of your emission, not mentioned the date and the number of the flight.

Overbooking – Sales of air tickets and apartments beyond the capacity for accommodation.

Pax – Abbreviation used to designate “passengers”.

Person to Person – Phone Calls are performed only in case an answer from the requested person.

Pitch – The space between the seats of an airplane.

PNR (Passenger Name Records) – Recorded reserve at GDS.

Queen-size Bed – Double the size of two single beds (the widower). The American standard is 2m by 1,20m.

Regular flight - Flights operate regularly by CIAS AEREAS commercial flights, which we have trade agreements.

Rooming List – List of passengers’ names, divided according to the hostels and accommodation to be used.

Round Trip – A journey to one.

SBT – See Self Booking Trip.

Self-Booking Tool - Are web sites that allow users of travel services affecting their travel plan, including demand and itineraries reserve.

Stand by - The situation of passengers waiting for a response to any required service (confirmation of air travel, travel, hotels, train, etc).

Stopover – Scheduled landings in one or more cities for boarding and landing of passengers during the trip, without changing the plane.

Technical-Scale – The stop of the plane for supplying, without boarding or arrival area for passengers.

TMC – See Travel Management Company.

Transfer - is the road transport of passengers. Can be "inside/outside" when dealing with the shuttle until the arrival/departure of one of the passengers, in a particular city(transport airport to the hotel and vice versa).

Travel Management Company - is the evolution of a travel agency trade union, the main challenge is to bring more to the process of corporate travel, and seek to cut travel costs rational through processes and tools.

Upgrade garage - Butler serving executive floors (hotels).Officially, who serves the rooms.

Valet parking - free parking.

Waiting List – It is said that pending request confirmation service (travel reservation, air ticket, etc).

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