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Visa is the entry clearance granted by a country to foreign citizens, which is dependent on the purpose of the trip and the length of stay. A visa must be requested in the country of residence, to the nearest Consulate within whose consular area the applicant resides.

Brazilians citizens who wish to obtain a visa in other countries should be present to the Visa Section at the Consulate, or Embassy of the country of main destination: United States, Japan, China, India, among others; these are some of the countries that require visa for entry, as well as most of the countries of Oceania, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Nations of Western Europe and Latin America don't ask for visa for Brazilian tourists, due to a reciprocal agreement with Brazil.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that the person concerned, interested in traveling outside Brazil, complete all the required fields of the visa application form, through Control System and Issuance of Travel Documents (SCEDV) - with as much as information as possible; thus will reduce the processing time of the requested service.

Also, it will be necessary to deliver the signed protocol with the original documents of the respective holder, to the consular agent, as well as the proof of payment of consular fee, at the Embassy's Consular Section.The whole process, therefore, can be followed through the site of the Control System and Issuance of Travel Documents (SCEDV).


United States of America

In order to issue the US visa, the applicant must register on the website, which will generate a service protocol and a password (valid for 180 days) that will allow access to the necessary documentation information an Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form to be filled out (DS160). After completing this form, you should load the form on the portal site and enter the personal information. It will generate a single fee for payment and only after this complete procedure will the interview be scheduled.

Important: The passport must have at least six months of validity. The delivery of the documentation will not guarantee that the visa will be granted.



The Brazilian with a stay of up to 180 days, tourism and / or business, the same will be exempt from the visa application.

For Brazilians citizens, the exemption shall only apply in favor of those visitors without employer’s permission, within 180 days, in accordance with the provisions of article 40, fraction I of Migration Act, which will allow engagement in touristic, traffic, sport or business activities, not involving remuneration in the country; also, attend events and conferences, or undertake studies not exceeding 180 days.

Visit the website of the Embassy in your country to find more information on visa entry requirements.



The Japanese consulate requires a request form to enter the country, round-trip ticket and proof of income, itinerary or travel schedule. The process to get entry permission in the country is not overcomplicated. The required documents are the same to obtain the Chinese visa, in addition to payment of consular fees and a letter of employment on official letter headed stationery.

Visit the Japanese embassywebsite in Brazil for details on how to obtain the visa.


Western Europe and Russia

The countries that integrate Western Europe and, most recently, Russia do not request a visa for Brazilian tourists who will stay up to 90 days in their respective territories every 06 months. If the stay is longer than this period, an immigration permit is required. Please note that it is important to have a valid passport of at least 06 months, confirmed return air tickets, accommodation voucher and health and travel insurance contract, and demonstrate financial conditions to stay in the continent during your stay.



Canada requests documentation that proves employment relationship to grant the visa.

The documents are: copy of income tax, copy of the last three final pay slips, letter from the employer informing the vacation period. In case, if you are an entrepreneur besides the mentioned documents include a copy of the last three wage compensation (pro-labore) and the last social contract, as well as a copy of the bank statement (movement record of the last three months), saving applications and investment funds.



India requests visas for Brazilians. The traveler must present the required documentation as well as a passport valid for at least one year and duly completed forms and an International Vaccination Certificate against yellow fever.


Visas for foreigners

In Brazil, there are seven types of visas for foreigners: transit, tourist, temporary, permanent, courtesy, official and diplomatic.

To learn more on visa access the Ministry of Justice's website.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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