Yellow Fever Vaccine (YF VAX)

The yellow fever (YF) is a very serious disease and represents a major risk to public health. The estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO) are 200,000 cases and 30,000 deaths annually from this disease. Transmission occurs when a person is bitten by a mosquito (vector) carryingthe yellow fever virus.

Many areas in the Americas, Africa and Asia are susceptible to the introduction and spread of theYF virus: the occurrence of dengue and Chikunguya Fever (transmitted by the same vector) in those regions, demonstrates that there are risks including urban yellow fever. In Brazil, the urban form was eradicated in 1942, but there is the potential risk of recurrence in cities where the dengue mosquito is present; it’s also possible the vector of the yellow fever virus.

According to estimates by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, the risk of disease and death from YFfor unvaccinated travelers who stay in endemic areas for two weeks, are respectively 50 / 100,000 and 10 / 100,000 in Africa, and 5 / 100,000 and 1 / 100,000 in South America - about 10 times smaller per patient. This is a rough calculation and may not reflect the actual risk since many factors can interfere, such as immune status of the traveler, season and concentration of the vector in the region, adoption of preventive measures by the traveler to mosquito bites, outdoor exposure among others.



Vaccination is the most important measure in preventing and controlling the disease. The vaccines have demonstrated efficacy of over 95%, inducing the formation of protective antibodies after seven to ten days,following the vaccination. The vaccine is effective for ten years. The validity of CIVP corresponds to the time of validity of the vaccine.

The entire population (aged nine months or over) should get vaccinated,living in high-risk areas or traveling to where the disease is,inside or outside Brazil. A yellow fever vaccination certificate (CIVP) is also required for travelers going to areas with risk of yellow fever transmission

Map of yellow fever vaccination recommendations for Brazil can be accessed through the Ministry of Health website by clicking here

The international vaccine certificate (CIVP) as proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever can be obtained throughclinicsof public or private systems and at the ranks of the ANVISA, in airports that perform this type of service. To findthese health offices closer to you, please access the ANVISA website:


Attention to ANVISA standards to issue the CIVP!!!

Legal age (aged 18 or over)

» CIVP will be issued only in the presence of the vaccinated individual and the signature shall be made by the person carrying the official identity document (ID, passport or valid driver’s license) with photo, or certified photocopy of the same.

» Will not be delivered the CIVP, other than to disease carriers, as determined by ANVISA.


The issue of CIVP may be made without the presence of the minor, as long as a legal guardian presents the following documents:

1. A representative’s originaldocumentation in good condition, or an authenticated copy or photocopy with photo.

2. The minor’s proof of identification (official birth certificate) in good condition, or an authenticated copy or photocopy of the same.

» It is advised that the signature on the CIVP is equivalent to the one in the traveler’spassport, thus avoiding possible complications in the country or area of destination, in particular Australia!

» Will not be delivered the CIVP to carriers, other than the legal guardians of the under legal age, as determined by ANVISA.

NOTE 1 - The vaccine against the yellow is free and can be done in the network of the Single Health System (SUS) or public health or private centers,provided thatthey are accredited by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) for the application of the vaccine against the yellow fever. The list of countries requiring the certificate is in the site of the World Health Organization:

NOTE 2 - Precaution and contraindication principles should apply for use, such as frequency and limits on the administration of the vaccine against yellow fever. It is vital that the indication for vaccination is done by the doctor responsible for the traveler. Tour operators must INFORM their travelers on risk destinations of yellow fever, as well as to inform the Brazilian Traveler about governmental ruling and requirements for entry into countries which demand the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (CIVP), for coming from endemic countries.

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