During the holiday season many families are faced with a real problem: what to do with pets?

If the possibility of counting on theinformal assistance of relatives, colleagues or friends who are ready to feed and give themwater, or even the aid ofPet-friendly hotelsare ruled out , the only way out is to take them along on your trip.

According to the legislation of air companies, the transport of domestic animals refers to dogs and cats only. Yet, live animals may be transported in non-cargo aircraft in the load compartment destined to cargo and luggage.

Pursuant to Article 46 of the regulation of air transport in Brazil approved by Ministerial Order No. 676/GC, of November 13, 2000, the transport of domestic animals (dogs and cats) in the passenger cabin may be accepted, provided that they are transported safely in appropriate packaging, not causing discomfort to other passengers.

Remember thatyour petis part of your luggage, so a charge of 1% fare applies in the event of excess baggage per extra kilo; i.e.if your luggage weighsup 12 kg and your pet 15kg, 7% of the full fare per flight segment will be charged, since it is allowed to carry up to 20kg of luggage per person.

Animals should be packed in fiber containers with space for movement of 360° degrees. The containers are not sold by airlines and must be purchased in specialty stores. In addition, it should be present at the boarding counter, health certificates, vaccinations and a waybill. The certificates must be provided by the Secretary of State Agriculture, Office of Animal Health Department or by a veterinarian.

The animal transported in the passenger cabin, in addition to the baggage allowance and free right is the dog, trained to drive visual or hearing impaired, that depends entirely on him.

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